Thinking creatively- the Department of Natural Resources and our office worked together to create a project that would help defendants and the community. The outcome was to have lower level DNR citations handled through our office and routed to Operation Natural Justice rather than paying hefty fines and/or jail time. This project was an easy lift for our experienced staff and helps defendants learn the law on how to approach wildlife in a legal and non-intrusive way. Here are some words from our Chief of Staff:

“Through this collaboration we brought Operation Natural Justice directly to the North Fulton community – saving time and resources. Each participant was extremely happy to receive this diversion and accountability opportunity. Rather than dragging them through downtown court, they learned how to enjoy the recreational activities at the Chattahoochee River legally.  They were very happy when Solicitor Gammage announced that Commissioner Hausmann saved them from having to go downtown. We will have another DNR diversion hearing next month to educate citizens and to safely and sensibly  close more violations to improve public safety. 

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