Your Second Chance at the American Dream

To apply for a Fulton County misdemeanor record restriction,  you may contact our Record Restrictions Hotline at (404) 612-4803 year round. Thank you for your interest in a new beginning for better opportunities. We look forward to serving you soon!

You may be eligible for restriction if:

We Love Helping People Get Their Second Chance

Martin Luther King Jr.’s arrest record in Fulton County to be expunged

By Ernie Suggs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Solicitor general wants to expand conversation about program that has already cleaned more than 3,000 misdemeanor records The last thing …

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Criminal record expungement offered for Fulton County fathers

Hayley Mason CBS46 FULTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) — Some would consider it an early Father’s Day gift from an unlikely place: the Fulton County Solicitor …

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Hundreds of Fulton residents aided at Record Restriction Summit

The roundabout at South Lamar and Belk will become operational on Friday, August 17th. Though the roundabout will be functional and provide access for all directions of travel, work will still remain for the coming weeks to complete concrete curb and islands. Please use caution as you travel in this area as everyone adjusts to the change in traffic.

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Solicitor General Holding ‘Back to School’ Record Expungement Summit

MARIA BOYNTON According to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, between 1963 and 2012, more than 705,000 people were convicted of non-violent felonies. During the …

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"Restorative Justice demands thoughtful, innovative approaches to criminal justice reform. Our second Freedom Summit expungement event continues the mission of ‘jobs over jails’ by sweeping away old non- violent arrests and providing a second chance at success,”
Keith E. Gammage
Fulton County Solicitor-General
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