Preparing for Court

Sometimes the court process can be lengthy. Be prepared for a possible long day. 

What to Wear
Proper clothing is expected when you appear in court. Proper clothing for court includes slacks, skirts, dresses, suits and any other attire that is conservative. Examples of inappropriate attire include: clothing that shows excessive skin and/or undergarments, pants that rest below the hips, tight clothing, clothing that signifies gang affiliations or drugs and clothing with language/images that may be offensive to others.



A victim may send a written Victim Impact Statement (VIS) to the court to inform the court of the impact the crime has had on his or her life. This statement may become part of the public record. Here are some questions to consider when completing your VIS. 

1. Were you physically injured because of the crime? Tell us how serious and how long for the recovery. 

2. Was medical treatment needed for your physical injury? Tell us about the treatment. 

3. Were you psychologically injured because of this crime? Tell us how this injury has affected you or your family. Psychological injury may include change in attitude or feelings, fear, change of lifestyle, emotional problems, etc. 

4. Has anyone received counseling because of this crime? Tell us how long you/your family will receive counseling. 

5. Has this crime affected your ability to earn a living? 

6. Has this crime affected your family relationships? 

7. Have you had any expense or economic loss because of this crime? If so, complete the Restitution Form and attach copies of bills, receipts, estimates, payments and amount paid by insurance. 

8. Tell us about the changes in your personal welfare or other issues you and your family have experienced. 

9. What do you suggest as a sentence in this case? 

10. What conditions of probation would you recommend? 

11. Do you favor the defendant receiving time in jail?



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