Expungements Frequently Asked Questions

Record restriction is a process that restricts eligible records on your official criminal history report from public view and makes them visible only to law enforcement for criminal justice purposes.
If your case resulted with a non-guilty disposition, you may qualify for record restriction.
Anyone arrested by the Fulton County Sheriff, Fulton County Police Department or any of the 15 cities in Fulton County is eligible for record restriction consideration.
You must have a completed application and a valid state issued picture identification.
Go the Clerk’s table and give them your case number. They may be able to find and print your disposition.
First Offender and Conditional Discharge sentences are required to have an Order of discharge after all conditions have been successfully completed. First Offender cases are restricted automatically after the order is filed. Conditional Discharge cases are eligible for record restriction after completion.
If you previously applied, and have not received a response, or are still waiting, speak to one of our volunteers to be moved to a special section. We will check your name against the pending applications.
You may complete the application and drop it off. Your application will be completed as a regular application.
You may complete the application and drop it off. However, we cannot discuss criminal history with anyone other than the applicant themselves. The application will be completed as a regular application.
Record restriction removes arrests from the Employment level searches on the official Georgia Criminal History provided by the GBI. However, the case paperwork remains open. In order to seal the court paperwork, a petition must be filed with one of our judges to have the court paperwork sealed. This service will provided on site.
Please fill out the application so that we will consider your individual circumstance.
The Office of the Solicitor General can only restrict eligible misdemeanor charges. Felony offenses must go through the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office at 404-612-4981.
If the question is about an arrest, you do have to answer yes, if you were arrested. A case that has been restricted is not considered a conviction, so you may answer “no”, on conviction, if that case has been fully restricted.
The expungement process does not cover convictions, no matter the age.
Your misdemeanor expungement application can be filed with the Office of the Solicitor General.
You can contact the misdemeanor Expungement Unit at 404-612-4800 to inquire about expedited processing.
If you received an Order of First Offender Discharge, take it to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) located at 3121 Panthersville Road, Decatur, GA 30037. Your GCIC can be sealed. Please note, records will not be sealed without a Court order.
First contact the arresting agency to see if your application has been forwarded to our office. It is always a good idea to find out the date it was mailed to us. Once you have verified that it has been sent over, you can contact the Misdemeanor Expungement Unit at 404-612-4800.
Please contact the Misdemeanor Expungement Unit at 404-612-4800 to seek the status of your application.
If you were ordered to complete PTI and have your completion form but somehow did not submit it with your application, you can submit it to our office. Your application will then be reconsidered.
You may request a letter of restriction, a public copy of your updated criminal history and a copy of the “Order to Seal Record” for your records.

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