Solicitor General Keith E. Gammage

Solicitor General Keith Gammage

Driven by a spirit of public service, Keith E. Gammage is the Solicitor General for Fulton County, Georgia’s largest and most populous county. The Solicitor General’s Office prosecutes misdemeanor cases and violations of the county code in both the State and Magistrate Court. These include crimes such as simple battery, cruelty to children, driving under the influence, stalking, elder abuse, criminal trespass, and animal cruelty.   Solicitor General Gammage believes the most important role of a prosecutor is to truly seek justice, which often means finding alternatives to incarceration such as using the law to encourage education and job skills. Mr. Gammage has been recognized for his work in reducing the school to prison pipeline, and has been a trail blazer in working to reduce domestic violence, elder abuse, and high school drop-out rates.

Prior to taking office, Mr. Gammage served for several years as Chief Assistant Solicitor General, first in command under the elected Solicitor General, in a major metropolitan Atlanta county. Solicitor General Gammage is a proven leader who has maintained an active caseload and has achieved greater than a ninety percent conviction rate over the course of his career as a prosecutor. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Mr. Gammage served as an Assistant Public Defender in Fulton County where he zealously protected the constitutional rights of thousands of Georgians. Excelling as both a defense attorney and prosecutor has afforded Mr. Gammage a unique perspective into criminal justice reform and forged his approach to “Smart, Fair and Restorative Justice,” a rallying call in his 2016 victory at the polls.

Solicitor General Gammage is a native of Atlanta and graduated from Woodland High School (now known as Tri-Cities High School). Mr. Gammage earned both his undergraduate and law degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is happily married and is an active member of his church.


Please Contact for Information on Expungements:

Felony Charges

Debbie Lowe
Record Restriction Specialist
Fulton County District Attorney Office
136 Pryor Street SW, 3rd Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Misdemeanor Charges

Barbara Graham
Record Restriction Specialist
Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office
160 Pryor Street SW, 3rd Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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