Anyone who gets a letter in the mail from the Fulton County Court explaining that offenders can avoid court by making a community-based donation should not throw that letter away.

Believe it or not, it is not a scam, but rather a new program called Operation Feed Fulton.

Fulton County Solicitor General Keith Gammage says it is a unique program he started which is a different type of diversion program.

His office is screening candidates, motorists with minor traffic charges, and with no past record, to participate.

Gammage partnered with the giant Atlanta Community Food Bank. In lieu of a fine, the driver will get a warning about whatever traffic hazard may have come up along with a request to contribute $75.

Gammage told FOX 5 about 1,200 individuals have participated so far and more than 300,000 meals have been served.

The solicitor said the initiative is not only helpful for families who need the food. It saves the county time and resources to prosecute the minor offenses.

For anyone wanting to learn more or to check eligibility on a recent ticket, visit the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office website.