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Our restorative justice events have assisted thousands of citizens in clearing non-violent, misdemeanor arrests from their criminal histories to give them a second chance. Those who may be eligible are individuals arrested for a misdemeanor in Fulton County. Without this initiative, the process to expunge a record is expensive and lengthy. This event is free and reduces the process to a single day.


“More than 20 years ago, I made a misstep. As a result of the Solicitor’s expungement event, I now have a good job an can take care of my family.”

John S
City of South Fulton resident


“We are pleased to announce that in January, 2018, our ‘Restorative Justice Freedom Summit’ assisted over 650 citizens in clearing non-violent, misdemeanor arrests from their criminal histories.  With such a great need and the overwhelming citizen response, we will offer another opportunity for citizens to get a second chance at success.” Says Fulton County Solicitor Keith Gammage.


Those eligible for expungement of their criminal record are individuals arrested but not convicted of a misdemeanor from any Fulton County law enforcement agency.  The process to expunge a charge usually takes in excess of 150 days with much of the process being driven by the individual citizen obtaining key documents from agencies; now the process is expedited through this one-day event where citizens will walk away with new and washed criminal histories in mere hours.


“Restorative Justice demands thoughtful, innovative approaches to criminal justice reform.  Our second Freedom Summit expungement event continues the mission of ‘jobs over jails’ by sweeping away old non- violent arrests and providing a second chance at success,”

Keith E. Gammage
Fulton County Solicitor General

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